it's been a while, huh?

HEY! yeah, I can't believe my last entry was in September. Well, actually, I made an entry last month, but it was too depressing, I pulled it down after a few hours. Re-reading that last entry, I still feel the same way. so I guess I'll just paraphrase.

happy 2012. i feel so old. why does it seem like the past years were better? Probably because I was younger, and I still felt I had the potential to do anything.

...but I really shouldn't complain, as I do have it better than many in this economy.

Questions of the day/year:

Why is it so hard to change something even when you know it needs to be changed?

Happiness is not a zero-sum game. I am responsible for my own happiness. I control my perspective that generates/perceives my happiness. And yet, why am I not happy? Do I (sub) consciously choose not to be?

All in all, 2011 was kind of a shitty year, personally. Actually, so was 2010. I've made some terrible choices, hurt people with my distance and avoidance (though both for my sake and theirs), and have not made much progress in my career or other aspects of my life. And unfortunately, much of this will inevitably spill into 2012. Unless I do something drastic.

Not sure if I should take the plunge. Though sometimes, I do wish I could just disappear and be done with this theatrical show instead.

As for my wishes to everyone else, happy 2012. I sincerely hope your year turns out memorable and wonderful.

well shoot

I was about to make a new post, and I didn't realize I hadn't actually posted this public; I posted this private. ...like way back in March... but wow, I didn't realize it was so many months. So I'm just going to update and post this old one, and make another entry later.

Yeah seriously, I really need to update more....

I finished the trilogy called The Hunger Games. I actually finished the three in a week (started on a Friday at noon, and finished the third book the following Tuesday). Seriously, it's a great series. It's like Battle Royale in a sort of post-revolution/apocalyptic America and it's at the POV of a 16-year-old girl coming into age. It's crazy good!

Also finished the third book in the Game of Thrones series. Wow, so much goes on; I can't wait to finish the rest, and watch the series.

Of course-- doing more knitting. And uhm, this is a lot better than the shit I was posting before. Seriously, all the stuff I posted earlier was crap-tier.

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holy crap. it's already March.

Well! Just as a quick update, my DMV test is this Thursday. Yes yes, I am well aware I am in my mid-20's without a license, and in LA no less. But you weren't the one who swerved to miss killing a possum on the road making a U-Turn.

Life is pretty busy. Got three projects I'm working on at the ol' Daily Grind Mill, and I'm also back-up fireman for several people. With the commute, I really don't have much time on my hands other than for watching TV + knitting (saves time, and most TV isn't worth your full attention anyway) and playing games (mostly SSFIV and MVC3; which I am shit-tier and shittier at, respectively).

I really need to post some pics of my recent knitting endeavors though. I've gotten into a lot more complex patterns :3

Sometimes though, I feel they are the only things that I have accomplished in life....

and that makes me sad


incomplete synopsis

Crap, I can't believe the last time I made an entry was in September.

WELL, Happy (belated) New Year! A shitload has happened, and I have pics to prove it. :p

But I guess as a quick run-down, took a trip to the east coast and San Jose, knitted a lot, had an awesome Christmas work party, and got into playing Super Street Fighter IV seriously.

Met and took pictures with Sally Ride, Chris Hu, Gamer Bee, Tokido, Daigo Umehara, and Skisonic... but not at the same venue, lol.

Got a merit raise this year (finally), and I may have a shot at getting into my intended career at this company! But that'll be at least 6 months from now.

Purchased periphs for RB3 and DJ Hero 2 for cheap, my first and very own Nerf gun (lol), some kick-ass boots, and some other random cyber Monday deals I probably shouldn't have but did anyway.

Hopefully this'll kick my ass into gear about updating. I'm currently in a huge cleaning phase, and proceeding to throw away and clean up the things I never had the balls to.

2011, here I come! Because I sincerely doubt you can do worse than 2010.

sometimes when you're stressed certain things are super funny

I'm waiting for the bus, and it's late. Then two buses come by; but only one stops to pick up the massive amount of people waiting.

I'm getting on, and though it's originally empty, it's extremely full now. I sit next to my friend, and I'm steamed that only one bus stops.

The other bus goes by, and it's totally empty! And I'm like, "Shit damn! Look at it, that other bus is empty as hell!"

and she just looks at me, and we just burst out laughing; "Oh wait, no; what am I saying, hell's not empty at all."

__________Later that bus ride_______________

me: Oh, so you've never shown me a picture of your husband. Do you have one?
her: I do, but it's not recent.
me: That's ok, do you have it on you? I want to see!
her: Sure, but... *flips her wallet and hands the pic of her family + the dog to me*
me: Ah! You're all wearing the same outfit! ...and you have a dog! Aw, what kind?
her: A german shepard and australian sheepdog mix. He's dead now though. Cancer.
me: Oh, I'm sorry.
me: And so that's your daughter, your son, and your husband!
her: Yup. They're all grown now, and my husband is a lot thinner now.
me: Ah, I do see the resemblance between you and your daughter. And your son too-- he looks more like you than your husband.
her: They do.
me: And the dog too.
her: Yes, he takes after me as well.
me: Why isn't your husband smiling?
her: Well, he didn't like the pose, and etc...

(some silence)

me: Oh right, so what's his name?
her: Boo.
me: *surprised* Boo?

(we crack up laughing SO BAD, my cheeks start to hurt)

her: *between laughs* Did you mean my husband?
me: *between laughs* Oh no, I actually wasn't, but I was surprised because I realized I should've asked for your husband's name first

another journey in knitting


So I've been knitting a lot lately. Work is... not to my taste, as always. I've been put on a major project that I'm not exactly sure how to deal with. I'm looking for leadership and instruction, and trying to keep my head above the water. And as a way to unwind, I knit and watch TV. I find that knitting makes me feel less unproductive when I'm watching the loads of TV I do every day.

Which btw, I <3 No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain.... all that traveling and eating... I WANT HIS JOB *salivates*

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quick happy holidays

Happy Chinese New Year!

And I hope all y'all enjoy your persecuted-and-beheaded Saint day! I know I will, imma spending it all day in bed and occasionally staring at Nick (which btw, why am I surprised there's so much NickXEllis? I thought I learned by now the rules of slashi--holy shit what, there's HunterxSmoker stuff out there??).